Outsourcing is a way of growing your business and getting more done without over-working yourself.  Those who do every single thing in their business are actually stalling their business from growth.  By getting outside help you can create a lucrative business without working yourself so hard.

Why do it? Here are 5 main benefits to outsourcing in your business.

1. You will get more done – yes, there are only 24 hours in a day, but by enlisting the help of others you can actually add hours to your day and keep ahead of your competition.

2. You can save time – not only by getting more done with the help of assistants, but by not wasting your valuable time learning how to tackle tasks that you don’t have to do.  Is there something in your business that you need to do but you will have to learn it before you can implement it?  Instead of spending hours learning something you may only use a few times in your business, let someone else who already has the skills do it for you.

3. You will save money – even though you will be paying someone to do a task, this can still save you money.  In the long run your time is valuable and if you value your time at say £30 per hour and it will take you 2 hours to complete a task, but you could easily hire someone for £20 an hour to do the task in half the time, you’ve just saved £40.  You only pay the hours that they actually work on your task.

4. You will be able to focus on your strengths as a business owner – you will be able to focus on the activities you are best at and focus your efforts on where they are most beneficial to your business, and get help with other areas.

5. You will grow your business – if there is an area of your business that you lack strength in or don’t enjoy doing, you tend to put it off, hire someone who specialises in that area and let their light shine.  This will bring more to the table when it comes to your business that might not have been there before they joined your team.

There are a multitude of tasks that can be outsourced, each business is different, but to keep your business up and running here are some examples of tasks that can be outsourced easily

Website design and maintenance

Customer Service


Content creation

Secretarial and admin services

In order to determine which things you might be able to outsource to keep your business running smoothly, make a list of tasks that you do every day/week that eat up your time.

Outsourcing needn’t be expensive, even if you start out small there are ways you can start to relieve the overload you are feeling from doing everything in your business yourself.  Even if you only outsource the writing of one article or blog post each month, you are freeing up your own time.

If you are doing something that needs to be done in order for your business to grow and it is taking forever to do it, when it should take someone else half the time, then you should be thinking about outsourcing it.

However, don’t just do it.  Outsourcing should be done with a plan in mind and clear benefits outlined beforehand.  For instance, if there is something in your business that isn’t making money and you call in an assistant to help you with it, knowing there are no real benefits in doing it, then it may not be the right thing to be outsourcing.

However, if you have a real money-maker on your hands but don’t have the time to devote to it to make the money, then definitely get some help with the tasks that are eating up your time.


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